In my work I combine Art & Science; this dialogue could point the way to increased unity in all aspects of our fragmented culture. Such unity is of vital importance.

I am particularly interested in the III-Fold-Image; Time, Space and Memory.

Marcel Moonen
Müllerwis 9, 8606 Greinfensee (ZH)
tel. 0041787135535 (CH)

© All rights reserved to Marcel Moonen
Official member of the Triple-A.

Galatea © Making Art Accesible.
Founders Marcel Moonen & Peter Paul vom Kothen

©  Credited Theories
Abstract : Reality
Found Super Abstraction
Dimensional Design Theory
Imaginational Theory  [2023]


2020 Triple-A at Hund Arts, Warsaw
2020 Julien Dinou Catalogue raisonné
2019 Imaginational Theory, introduction papers
2018 Various presentations Abstract : Reality, Paris
2018 Selected Residence Van Doesburghuis, Paris
2017 Architecture Photography Award 2017, finalist
2016 Giardini in Silence collaboration with RAAAF 
2015 Exhibition Erasing Non-Places, Lelystad
2015 Guest lecturer (Performance) WXCA, Warsaw.
2014 Speaker Fundamentals, Venice Biennale
2014 Premio Riccardo Prina 2014. in Triennale di Milano
2014 Speaker Future of Craftsmanship, Venice Biennale
2014 Guest lecturer at Politecnico di Milano
2014 Fractal-GUI for SIIA-APP (IT Society of Hypertens.)
2014 Selected for Copenhagen Photo Festival’s
2014 MAK - Los Angeles. Place 3 out of 264 entries
2014 Highcare Projects educational book
2014 Pool of flowers, 100.000 tulips in an empty pool
2013 Siobhan Davies Dance, Found Choreography
2013 Berliner Liste, during the Berlin Art Week
2013 Europan runner-up


Worked and/or lived in Madrid, Brussels, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Maastricht, Lelystad, Berlin, Milan, Paris, Aarau and Zurich. Longer visits in Extremadura, Warsaw, Uruguay 


MSc with honours in Architecture, Theory & Urban Cultures. University of Technology, Eindhoven
ETSAM (Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid) Erasmus exchange