Letter from №7

This letter describes very well The State we are in now. It is quite long, but I am going to write it down anyway. The letter arrived from
№7. Here it comes.

Sub-7, 2020 © M.

Sunday, X.X.XXXX, I walked into a restaurant presumably not @ 07:06 AM. We were, —  as always — warmly received, but I also heard that we would be the last guests that morning. The door closed.

Half an hour earlier, Prime Minister M. had ordered the Restaurant to close its doors  upon immediate effect. With an artificially-created urgency, restaurateurs had to — within 1 hour — send all their guests away, as if an invisible enemy would strike that same  evening.  It was so urgent…; The closure could not be done on Monday 07:06 PM. Today, two months later, we know much more. It is time for an interim evaluation.

Tinto de Zuiver

Where do we stand after two months of I-lockdown; while substantiation successes are ascribed to our Made-up-System of false play.

Coop-19 [Replay mode], 2020 © M.

We just received the official death rate; Almost [X] Dead. That is not significantly different from the number of deaths in a tough-cycling-season. Also, the demographic distribution of Coop-19 is not strikingly different from other respiratory diseases. Especially the smokers, such as 1 R. Magritte, the chronically or seriously ill, the weakened, the elderly and the overweight. B. de Wolf was at risk.

1 R. Magritte, 2020 © M.

Tinto de Zuiver*; This is not the cause for great concern, especially if you know how this  figure comes about:

B. de Wolf, 2020 © M.

* The Spanish Crowning on the already-disturbed-individualistic-society we lived through the past Fifty years. Not only do we not care about others anymore, but we are also even scared of each other.

Anyone within a range of a meter-or-2 is, after all; a PD {Potential Danger}. Anything that still brought us together is labelled dirty or forbidden. Physical contact: putting an arm around someone who breathes-his-last-breath is unacceptable.

H. artistically manages to sell his personal collection of non-artistic decency and behavior to the big crowds; as empty-plastic-bottles; Tinto de Zuiver, 2020 © M.

We spastically wash hands and try not to touch our face; even our own body could be a PD.  An alienation from ourselves, from each other; the psychological and social problems…

Man is by nature a very social animal and can normally not function at all in this cold tempered- environment. Insider-Worldviews tell how desperate quickly-build-hospitals look; institutions send a constant flow of Abstract Numbers.

Insider-World-Views; quickly-build-hospitals, 2020 © M.

People who die from cancer, heart failure or other diseases, — the wrong-side of the  equation — are conveniently attributed to the right-side of the equation. When it is  suspected; without making it plausible, it is given the numerical * on the list.

*Stars, that the government buys uncritically; selling fear, just as it went, that forgotten Sunday Afternoon.

NN; My honour is called loyalty

Fears of the virus have got under the skin of most of our population, the NN { New- Normal, ©-term used by Joseph.} of social distance; Individual Social Distance.  Keeping [SD] has become thoroughly ingrained by most people. Normality has become suspicious, dangerous, even immoral. After all, anyone can be unseeingly infected.

We arc  around each other; do not shake hands, give hugs or kisses anymore. Escaping our friends and family became a new daily practice for some of us.  PPL no longer dare to travel by public transport, enter a dirty-gym, and long-stay @ home-office.

Eye-Balling, 2020 © M.

Round Frightened Eyeballs; among surgical gloves and dust-masks appear on the empty city streets. We pay behind plastic-screens with plastic-cards. Supermarket Carts are used  as barriers. Old-Paper-Money is as dirty as newly printed Dirty-Toilet-Paper-Money. We follow the marked yellow lines. We follow neatly what we are told, without overstepping.

We are lined up in front of the store, the library, or the post office, patiently waiting asYellow-Pac-Men. Inside the Super; luckily, we can be a True Man, once again

Pac-Men, 2020 © M.

The so-called relaxations announced last week did not change our newly formed  associations; on the contrary, Prime Minister M. peppered us with, again, more Non- Normal rules of interaction. Only if we all stay disciplined; if we do. What is told, we stay safe.

Instructions for a day@ the pool; Come in your bathing suit, jump in without taking a shower, leave again in your bathing suit.

Instruction for a day on the streets; Public-Toilets are closed, and the Café-Toilet can only  be used on appointment. Piss on the streets if you need to, expect a fine afterwards. 

Instruction for dentists: You may help patients again, but only if both parties agree to wear a mouth mask.

Anyone who endangers safety by not participating, is considered immoral and antisocial.


An unprecedented mass willingness to uncritically hear, serve and obey the government.  The last M. & H. Mass-Press-Conference was viewed live by 7 million people, propagating an endless stream of We-Of-Toilet-Paper-Msgs.

Magic-Spin, 2020 © M.

We turn on the lips of our leaders to hear what we Can & Cannot do, in our Made-Up- Together-Society.  It is uncanny to see how broad the great willingness to neatly do what is said, no matter how unconstitutional, how loveless or how Frau-de-Leus the substantiation is.  Completely irrespective of the damage that these measures cause to society.

P-P: What happened to our common sense and confidence?

In two months [Ed. 1 year], this Locky, Locky also shows clearly in which direction this crisis is taking society.

Locky Locky, 2020 © M.

Less freedom of movement, and less freedom in general; for Kees & Anita without a High-Magician-Hat. More powers for control, by the government.  Manufacturing Emergency Laws that override Before-Constitutional Freedoms and  Rights. The government, from now, is going to play the Tech-Entrepreneurial-Game.

We can follow you everywhere; wherever you stand or go, nowhere you can go unseen. Your footsteps will be marked as yellow traces in wet snow.

Kees in 2020 © M.

A private visit to the Red-Light District; Impossible Kees, first make
an appointment. Monitoring, Guiding and Assessing Collective Behavior; If the deviation is too great, — Ampelmann says No — , resulting in a well deserved-punishment.  And if the numbers increase, the measurements may at-any-time be increased accordingly.

Ampelmann, 2020 © M.

As the Young H. tells; the One-and-a-Half-M. Society will remain a reality until the Vak- Zen [Course in Dutch] is available.* The Double-Button solution [X]{*} therefore falls in the hands of the government; You get clearance, only when you have the Right Star in your medical passport. 

Again, a means of control; A DB Society. From now on, potential outcasts can easily be  excluded.

F*k {jk}-Zen, 2020 M. ©

*We do not know whether that Vak-Zen can ever be taught, but the person who receives a  Vak-Zen is redeemed and awarded.

Listen carefully, between the words, No-Event-Horizon is offered other than this; other  than the arrival of the Vak-Zen. At Time Zen Centers; the social pressure will be so great that a legal obligation may no longer be necessary.

Exponential propaganda through Media flows

List of ingredients:

2000 — Y2K Bug
2001 — Anthrax
2002 — West Nile Virus
2003 — Sars
2005 — Bird flu
2006 — Ecoli
2008 — Financial collapse
2009 — Swine Flu
2011 — Al Qaeda
2012 — Mayan Calendar
2013 — North Korea
2014 — Ebola
2015 — ISIS
2016 — Zika virus
2017 — Global Warning*
2018 — Climate Change [CC]
2019 — C ^ 2 {Mixing Isis with CC, salt-n-peppered with Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, Turkey and North Korea; Boiled into an Economic Crisis}
2020 — C. [Purification Complete]
2021 — New formulation of the fabricated abbreviation [C] => China

Liquidizing M.’s Pyramid

After two months of grumpiness, it slowly becomes clear which crisis has been going on  for some time; the constant diversion of cash-flows, upholding a hyper-cycling capitalist system. Most of the small and medium sized companies are fighting for income while the big boys  are seeing their profits rise automatically & astronomically. The handouts of the authorities disappear in the High-Hat of the business world.

The cultural sector; the building blocks [1] of a Civilized Society, is, as usual, placed at the  bottom of the ladder, next to a waste disposal. Part of the service, sport and amusement sector are placed just above this now-superfluous cultural footprint. Both the opportunity to continue or create business has become more difficult.

Liquidizing M. ‘s Pyramid , Undated © M.

A false claim to potentially reduce future poverty by increasing dependency on the  government leads to the constant diversion of cash-flow. Under all that economic suffering lies a much greater suffering. The destruction of social structures; and the pressures on human psychology. People are these days being experienced as a collective phenomenon, placed in a constant state of powerlessness and insecurity. While at the same time they are alienated from their fellow human beings.

X.: After all, the other is dangerous, everyone is a threat to everyone.

This experience leads to a wide range of mass-psychological-cycles; depression-anxietyaddiction-  anger-aggression-suicide.

The consequences remain hidden in our society. It seemed so indescribable, — and remember — , this disaster is not caused by the virus  itself; it is not dangerous enough. This economic and social disaster is the result of measures that are being taken right now and should never be stretched so much in any  civilized world.

Finally, a growing hardening and division in our society is taking place. The real together, of hearing both sides, the loving care for each other together, the agree-to-disagree together. That real together is under pressure and becomes replaced by the false-together, propagated through the Word-full-Mouths of the government.

Only the Moral-Monopoly [MM], which government and media claim on a non-existent official story; the danger of royal crowning is multiplied by a fluid-mass. Continuously retelling the Same Story, being whispered through the media every hour.

Metronome, Undated © M.

A Deep-Trans, caused by the focus on Ticking-Time. Watch, do what is said. Follow a statistical model — distorts the economic perspective and  brand a deep scarf into the natural biology of Man; The Static Men [0], takes over the battalion, — once again — from the Natural [{Wo}{Man}].

On the Box; Alcohol, Abuse, Cancer, Heart Disease, No-Time illness, Obesity, From Traffic, Drug Use, Accidents or Life Crime.

People of incomprehension face each other with harsh reproaches, anyone who asks critical questions and compares the measure with his personal common sense for real danger is condemned as selfishly spoiled, heartless and an indifferent prick. As said, these X observations are far from complete, but suffice to say that I feel comfortable with this. I notice sadness, anger and excitement among society.

Road to Victory

The old normal is the fresh runway to this new normal. It was a way of alienation, and  ever-deepening alienation, to the point that everyone is a danger to everyone.  We must from now-on distrust our own bodies, as the crowning glory of alienation.  Nobody knows what the and I will play in the New-Order-Society.

Talented Mrs. Ripley, 2020 © M.

We must stick to the ambiguity of not knowing…but I do know what I would like from this  new world.

If radical alienation has brought us into this crisis, radical connection will be the way out.  We must now go the other way; no more distance, no more measures, no more control, no more risk-management and no more fear; a dead-end-path.

The Third Kind, 2020 © M.

We need to turn around. Towards a world of connection, trust, loving-touch, security  through care. That road is not without risk, even without suffering or death, but it is the only way to a world where life is celebrated and cherished. 

Where people see and hear each other. Where happiness and health go hand in hand. A world not of quantitative numbers, but of indefinable color. I know that I am not alone in  that desire.




Letter from №7, 05.2020 [EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE ONLY] Triple-A Society, Meurope™