Dimensional Design Theory

M. ©

Mémoires, abbreviates as such {Memes}  

Disclaimer: This paper is written for educational purposes and means to serve a scientific orientated audience. It describes purely abstract thinking processes at the verge of human knowledge and is set-up as a thought-experiment. Names are fingered for privacy reasons, freedom of speech and thought. Occurrences are imagined, but true and partly generated out of the deep blue.

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About previous researchers

The ideas presented in this text came forth out of a distillation of the work of  C.P. Snow (The two cultures and the scientific revolution),  Michael Talbot (The Holographic Universe 2nd part of book), David Bohm (Science, Order & Creativity ~ Wholeness and the Implicate Order), David Lynch interpretation of transcendental meditation and are shaped through numerous conversations with the artist-architect Michal Czerwinski.

To get familiar with the language system used in this paper I advise you to first read the previous paper; an introduction into the holographic model with Michael Talbot: I — [T] : Holographic Puzzling {Pt. 1}. Dimensional Design Theory incorporates various ideas Talbot cleared out in the 1980s.

This document is written @ 3/4 [Double-Time]♧ and is completely ordered, but not in the traditional sense — a linear-order — rather in what I call a holographic order. The more you’ll read it, the more sub-path-patterns you may discover.

Abstract: How-to-think-dimensionally

I use a trialectical language system to transmit the ideas about a Dimensional Mindset.

This way of thinking is more creative & inventive than the way we are thought to think in our current school systems. It’s closely related to the way our brain organizes memoric events. It also opens new ways to train our memory in a more human, non-linear way.

In this paper I will discuss six case studies to underline the significance of dimensional theory in everyday design practice. In coming years, I will dive deeper in explaining the dimensional order and present tools for its application in concrete situations. In future times more people will be able to use this way of thinking to retrieve unknown knowledge from the deep pool of imagination.

Triple-A at Hund Arts, Warsaw, Picture-in-Picture

Introduction: constructive & instinctive

In everyday design practise we make use of two opposite thinking-models. The first model is a childlike approach; this instinctive mindset is triggered by our innate animal nature. The second, considered as a more grown-up approach is the constructive mindset. Nowadays we consider the second approach the more intelligent mindset, it forms the base of approaching complicated problems, and nowadays it’s also used as a framework for building artificial intelligence systems. Both these approaches have their flaws.

By using architectural and artistic examples the dilemma’s occurring while using this dualistic approach are explained, and the limitations that therefore arise. This forms a lead into a third overarching thinking-model; Dimensional Design.

II models or I model

Model for the Polish Pavilion, Dubai, Anna © First Prize, Model for the Museum Książąt Lubomirskich, Michal © First Prize, for WXCA

M. I {Son of Swiss Sculptor}: The second one is not true to its nature, it’s constructed. The first model is indeed purely instinctive.

M. I: Creativity is bullshit, only instinct counts.

M. II: Wait a minute there, don’t conclude too simply, too soon, there is more background behind it.

JM {Architect}: I prefer the second model.

Form-Farb-Kompositionen, Leo Schmid ©

J(Greece): I thought these two examples [Instinct] ~ [Logic] you are showing here would be positioned a wider part of each other.

M: I once had an encounter with the third model.

J: A third model?

M: Yeah, I call it; instant noodles. An old Italian philosopher introduced me to the concept, he coined it: pizza-time. At that time, I thought he was talking about food non-stop. Now I know better.

The design dilemma: [Logic] ~ [Intuition]

Greek G. Guy interview with the Korean associate of H &de M {Not the Brand} {The Brand}.

G(Greek): I didn’t prepare for my interview, I wanted to tell who I am. They expected the logical linear story: problem -> analysis -> program -> solution, but it was not how we got to this design. After a lot of trying suddenly this idea came along and it fit the apparent storyline.

They seemed not to like it so well though…, that I explained it the way I did. They even got somewhat offended while I told the story.

Two weeks later

G: They didn’t hire me in the end, because I didn’t agree that it’s the true story about how design happens. They hired my friend instead, who told the logical sounding story. It’s if they wanted to be lied to or want to test how well I can construct the artificial argument afterwards. I don’t know what they are really searching for…

G: More and more I don’t like to talk about design at all. You like it or you don’t, it’s a taste.

M: It’s in the air, mmm…

M: I tell you more about the third model, but let’s start with a short story as a small intro into dimensional design thinking.

Spanish desert storm

Architect calling-in from Spain with an interest in Japanese design-philosophy.

  • Hello M.! I was driving all day in the desert. You know the dust falling on the front-windows, when you drive a long way…Could you make the rhythm of the dots [*] on the façade something like that, with the gradient in it?

M: Ok…?

[Makes a two-sided leaflet; One side an Italian star wearing a dotted dress | the other side the façade of the building covered with a gradient of dots (stars when you look closer)]

M *{Polar Star}: Look at the stars! I put an image in there.

M. V. Blond dotted dress [black] in L’Avventura ~ S. L. Brown dotted dress [white], in front of the most famous grid in the world.

Italian fashion magnet: Wife of German investor.

F: Like this dress a lot! I love it! Let’s do it!!!

*Architect: She likes it, so now we can realise it.

Three weeks later

German-grumpy-investor-husband: I want to earn money! Take that G0d-damn-dress off!

M: So reversed M {aka the wheel of fortune & prosperity}, they told me there is no more money for those Berlin stars…

But I have another cheaper idea. What about a grey-in-grey suit, white-on-white > like the one I was wearing on my wedding day? If it is sunny, it becomes bright; if it rains, it stays grey with a silver-lining-sky.

W: That’s the way!

M: Luckily it was sunny that afternoon.

After completion

[A couple of months before being destroyed with a bath of investors-crème-fraîche + billboards]: They all left Berlin.

Greedy investors: We don’t like this artistic idea. It should be crème-yellow, like those cheesy-Hollywood-slick-film-rollies.

Mr. Burns {aka greedy investor}: Yes, finally! They all left Berlin, let’s paint it all crème-fraiche, crème fresh, that’s what we want! It fits the in-&-ausbau of Madonna fitness.

Technical K.O.

While M & reversed M had dinner with other bit players >>[outraged]: These mfs, they destroyed everything!!* I go to The Windy City. I’ll buy myself a Mies condo, f*ck these f*ckers.

[Less outraged] You know I once had this great drawing guy; you will not find him anywhere;). He makes those amazing drawings, back in the days with coffee-stains. A long time ago he was my partner in crime, a friend of yours worked for him at the university in Germany, across the border.

Do you know him? He is called: ?

M: ?

Picture of a lost sketch

[Dessert-Time] W to M: That villa in Spain…We covered the ground floor under a small hill of sand. The checkers-guy came to check…

The checkers-guy: check, check, double check.


W: Next day we moved the sand away and gave the building an extra story.

M: The double-checker technique only works in the south though ;)

* After some wine, in the corner of the old-office, pointing at the birthday- picture of Holl above a mirror in the ground: ha-ha look at that M.! That picture here, ha-ha-ha it’s him! It’s Mr. MF. ROFL

[*]: You should move to Switzerland, there it still is, sort of all good for us architects.

*****[Stepping in a taxi to the airport] Ooh yes and don’t forget M!!

History doesn’t exist.

M: ???????

Paul Valéry! Valery, Valera! ♫♪♪

M. moves to Switzerland

[After switching the light on & off for 5 years]

M: Ahh! now I understand what reversed M meant by that.

M: In art it’s the other way around, you shouldn’t tell how it came forth.

J: Hee don’t forget! Great art is authentic, that was all een truukje.

Is it true that there are no rules for good design?
  • A. Rossi {make picture of myself at home with coffee}
  • A. Palladio {use my own picture from database}

MC: Italian Bossje; their modern fascist stuff is also good.

Mies: Not as good as my white villa.

M: It’s funny when I think about buildings that really impressed me, I mostly come back to my high-school-friend Aldo. If it is his graveyard in Modena or his Berlin block. And I don’t even remember the details, it all seems like a blank space in my memory.

W †: Turn that noise down! Be silent! Only real art in this house.

Berlin block, graveyard, housing Milan

Korean minus ~ M. ~ G. ~ C. ~ MC: Yeah~!!! We ♥ Berlin blocks.

X.: He puts a huge roof on top of a building with large windows, and it is good.

JM: It’s about personality, finding your personality and being able to transmit it in design. Aldo Rossi speaks not to time, to this moment, it speaks to Palladio, which again speaks to these ancient prototypes, out of chromatic time.

J. (Greek Designer): Most freedom in design is in fashion nowadays.

M. : You should have taken the Spanish M. & T. architecture design class, back in the days before Spanish M died in his sleep;

We were asked to design a dotted dress instead of a building.

M: No wonder contemporary design reminds me so much of fashion these days. Let’s continue with the case studies.

Case Study I: Instant noodles

House O. in Portugal: {open Chinese garden in a box}

G: He made this house with 3 rooms and a corridor, while at the same time it is seen as something inefficient to create a corridor between rooms.

The Greek: They want it all at once, everything together; eating while surfing & playing ball.

Trash-man: trash-men-architecture.

M: I understand his path, for the experience it’s wonderful. It really looks wonderful no doubt, Eden’s garden, a paradise for Truman. For me this house also reminds me of an open shoebox, with a garden in it.

The Third Model: MC Noodles©

MC: Noodles

sub-M: The big-giant-spaghetti-monster {Carbonara}

sub-sub-M: I lived under him in Via Balilla, he was always shouting. He made his house like a Donut, so he could walk around in an endless loop.

sub-sub-sub-M: This guy was hilarious. His (also) philosopher wife  gave me a silver-pencil-sharpener.

submarine-M: I was wearing blue-glasses that day, the town where I come from is written on the side of the glasses.

sub-sub-sub-sub-alchemist M: That’s what I did, I sharpened the point and wrote it all down.

S: He, you there! Come back to me! [I want attention!] :O You cannot say that about his emperor’s temple! _O_

S: You are so arrogant M.

T: Did you accidentally bite on the fortune cookie inside?

It’s not that I don’t like it, I have a problem with people that like it because they think; funky triangles, circles, or pitched roofs and they want to do it too…

It’s not about these shapes, although I don’t know if Mr. V. himself realises that completely.

O: Maybe.

I do know one thing, that I don’t know you.

M: Now you know.

: O

Jung-M. {Korean friend}: It’s like you write about Homer [Abstract : Reality] Shadowplay, that there are often two, about this aspect of duality in invention.

There are these II [O.K.]

Ohh K. had some conceptual stronger ideas, but he cannot get them all realised. O. kkk more free spirit of play.

Case Study II: Cake buildings

Gorgeous Cake with roses on top

: ~ won this competition for the school because it was the most efficient design. It is so small. Compare it to the other entries, they all look super bulgy.

~: But if we look back at it, we don’t think: Heee this is good, because the fire-emergency-route is solved through a system of overhanging balconies. We look and we like it.

Letter T: Or we don’t.

M: That stuff for me looks still constructed.

S: Hee a giant birthday cake! I baked it for you. Look how complex these stories are, with triangular-dec0 around them.

M: jk ;)

T: We can also not like it. Depends on what you are looking at.

Greek J.: But I don’t think this idea came to him like that, as the solution for a programmatic problem ~ demand.

M: It was slotted in afterwards…the story, the explanation, the argument, whatever you call it.

Case Study III: Iron man

Field of empty gravestones, Iron-Man Work.©

M: I once saw this PHD End talk about Iron man work. A lawyer with love for architecture, for fun, researched all the notes and writings of Iron Man. He stayed a while in the office of Peter.

The lawyer discovered Iron man changed the writing, his argumentation for his design on and on, through the years. Even decades after he made the design. It seems to me he found this a very important aspect in design as well.

Iron-Man: You don’t like my Berlin [*] Grid. True story, the design was made by an underpaid Spanish intern.

I-Man: I ironed my name on it, muwhaha.

M: Not bad Iron man. You placed the grid on top of Adolf’s last resort[bunker]. And Daniel took H.’s BLITZ and made a real building of it.

Ijscoman: See them jumping from stone to stone; thinking they are the real M. One time a guy even broke a leg, while jumping for a selfie.

M.: When the Blitz was realised they didn’t even have a collection…

All disappeared, stolen, or vanished with the wind.

Mies: Empty is good.

Fish architects

Fish architect: >○○> fishy in a tank, …excuse me bank, between the gate and the bunker.

Peter and Daniel: You were always the most artistic of the 3.

Zaha: Ahum, what about my empty-gift-shop, there in the back?

Peter, Daniel, and Franky {G. MC & M.}: Always those g00d looking women.

Case Study IV: Gas station

Gate of the town Salto : Door of Wisdom {Gas station}, Eladio Dieste, photo: M.

Eladio: “Architecture is invention. All the rest is repetition and of no interest”.

End of a very small chapter about invention in architecture.

Case Study V: Emperor without clothes

Drawing for the Hejduk House, Groningen

I Artist’s House in Groningen. Long narrow uplifted corridor, 3 rooms and the atelier as separate entities So there are moments, experiences when you move from one room to the other, dark, narrow, open wide, etc… But it’s also a philosophical idea about the working of time; inside the design of the house.

II Dimensional House of a model built into reality after his death. Blobby atelier in the back{creation}, long line{memory}, a concrete slab {now} and the future 3 rooms {eating, sleeping, living}

III Ducks house

Letterboxing [Alphabet world series]

G.: Love those chocolate letters {H.} ~ {C.}, and a spitting fountain on the roof.

Alphabet City, Steven Holl

M: I once did a project together with him

MC: Who? Who? {an owl}

M: Both

M: What if I tell you {O.} & {K.}, Technically [KO] had a prodigy child together called: J.

WHAT!!!: A child together, that is impossible?

M: I’m not joking, you can look up my old parent’s house on goochel-maps.

M: Do you mean the Dentist with capital D., or the photographer sub-J. or the sailing-boat painting, signed by Jan the III© in my old-homes closet?

Van K.Bergjes Laan ( 52°12'37.9"N 5°09'16.5"E ), Hilversum

Both called Jan, all five. Anyway, they lived in the Van K.Mountain Laan, Hilversum.

3rd Round

J: M. Your equation is not correct yet, you should write it differently…

I combine ♥ NY with My Swiss mountain roots △.

J = [K.O.] becomes

J = ♥ ▽

M: I know you ♥ those triangles ;) 

Observatorium Flevoland, Robert Morris © M.

J: How do you know all this? You make this up on the fly?

M: ™{trust me}, I even know your school-made, with a love for trees,  your brother in law; de Biel.

Dutch Bossjes: We also ♥ ▽

Raven : You know, if you fold triangles, you can create a spacious effect, a tent, an umbrella, even a fighter jet. It’s quite pleasant.

Italian M: You know that Grassi and Rossi shared, for some time, the same woman. They were in a sort of a love△ relationship.

Dutch M: That must have been a Greek goddess, Trinity.

Case Study VI: Carlos Danté

I think this is the most interesting project I made. This project is going even deeper into sub-dimensional-design-thinking. It was my first year at the campus, I was not part of the project yet at the time.

But I know the story of the campus project from a fisherman’s-friend.

M.FINGER: FU! 99% is infill.

*FISH Architect: FU2!

It’s not a singular inventive idea like the {K.} or the {O.}. It’s a collective design of a group of talented students, even the name is part of it: Banquet.

Medieval Banquet: It is a formal large meal or feast, often involving main courses and desserts.

{Director of this design}: I went on holiday to Portugal two weeks before deadline. It was also quite surprising for me, but this project sort of formed itself.

About schemes

On the field → Team-players: List

On the bench → Team viewers: Korea & Portugal

[You must draw to understand]

1. Draw a rectangle, write in the centre S., in subscript, right corner another smaller S., known as Z.

2. We are now going to draw the seats. From left to write. Start with a donut building, then next to it a couple of squares with the letter J. in between. Then next to that a long straight line with the letter J. from Sweden.

3. Draw an Italian cross in the right down corner, you know the ones you find in every Italian home.

4. Draw an extruded big bunny head next to the Italian cross.

5. End with the circle.

6.! [Austrian philosopher working as a secretary] You forgot me. :(

Hello there six, there’s still room for you, at the head of this table. Let me make some room for you.

The Greek: Everybody got his own building.

NEV: Let me tell you how to structure these wooden blocks. Rotate the paper 45 degrees to the top-right and then another time to the bottom-left. If the paper still stands you got yourself a collection of great buildings.

>: What buildings? I only see V., pardon my teen-French, PPL.

G.Guy (Zorba): Again, everybody is a building to this guy.

M.: No, inside your magic-the-rabbit-hat you can find the same letter again S., M., and J. put his beloved V. in it, before Deadline, you remember.

M to the G to the why MC: Shoot! Haha, at that time you were still part of the dream-t3am.

Quartality : A pipe is not a sigaar

F. about his G. Design; In the first sketches it was pinkie octagonal, near to the end it became clear white circular.

[Accidentally bumping into S. aka Z wearing the white t-shirt, heading towards an Italian wedding party in the watery city]

Z: Hee M. Your cake is too expensive to get built, now they are thinking of making it octagonal.

M: Why don’t they take a slice of that delicious wedding cake instead?

M: The Biennial? No, we are not going. The current exhibitions remind me too much of the empty folders I’ve stored under my bedroom shelf.

Breaking the prison grid

Prismatic pyramid boxes with various placeholders © M.

S: Those guys with their f.up boxed library idea, they only follow their king. Now watch me, I put my prismatic pyramid inside the cardboard box.

This idea unfortunately did not work in reality though. ;)

S: Listen, my love :O, it doesn’t refer to anything. They are non-referential shapes!

G (Swiss Greek): Yes M. Listen M. to this good-g.-guy.

M: Non-referential, my ass.

R: Moonen, whaha :D

O: Hé, bastard! Don’t reveal my magic tricks! What about my book sales!!

+: Don ‘t reveal my father…What about the Magic-M!

M: The circle refers to the moon ~ the sun, to you, to me, to every-body.

L {Chinese roots}: Asian wisdom right there in your face.

MC: And you like circles M!

M: I like them so much, I put my squared face inside it.

Doesn’t fit, I know ;)

S: You are so egocentric! You only think about yourself.

Other S: You are so self-centred. And me? You never have time for me…;(

Multiple M’s: We know.

M: Maybe you are right, I put myself in a circle for this project.

Actually it is not a circle, it’s a donut, with a squared hole in it.

(Talking about circles rolling down a Swiss mountain): This solution is so banal.

Crime Guy: Make the city as a grid, it’s a proven concept for centuries.

M: Color by number, stuck in the prison grid, life sentence.

Piranesi ~ Boullée ~ Best friend of Holl: You see our prison-mind-map-models, ruins all around the world. They were never meant to be built, a reminder folks ;)

Breaking the Grid © M.

S. {Hawking}: UC M.! All stuck in the prison grid.

M.: [Throwing C4-Bars inside a black-hole]

[Insider joke from a Dubai-Desert-Guy .driving around in a M. car (the 1 with a small crown on top) ] :
Did you buy your Swiss-Toilet-Watch already?

M: Yes, it looks like the metallic-prison-toilet you are currently living in.

Donut-theory by D.

David with ear-problems taking a bite :O © M.

While being in New York entering D(avids)-Donuts for the first time

We would like to have two donuts please.

Man at the counter: 2 dozen?

M: No, two.

Counterman: But it is for sale!

M: I don’t care if it’s for sale, I want one of those delicious rings. For her, and 1 for me.

Men: Which one? Standing face down behind a counter with 43 different donuts.

M: The natural.

Friendly Man: Ooh? Ok. That’s all.

M: That’s all.

Donut-theory overruled by SM

M: I only marry once in my life, that’s why I picked you


S: Twice you mean.

M: Aah yeah true story ;)

S: Once S, and the other time in M.

Luckily, I married the smarter of the two.

Lee Towers III Stories Flats [Frankie]

Francien gave a presentation about M. at TUE.

Me-ca-no (Spanish band ~ Hijo de la Luna): We put a rotating M on top of the building, the investor loved it!

M. The capital of Uruguay rotating at the harbour of 010 {R-Damskie}.

5 Spellbound

The real John: Now it gets interesting.

Someone who thinks he knows me: You are so successful, look at all this. You think you are so good, all these important offices you worked for, and even some prizes.

M: Ha-ha, you mean all those lost competitions, paper-diploma’s, those plastic dolls, and a tip to drink some beer? And I didn’t even start about all the women that left me…

Picasso {Pi}: I know what you are talking about. All sun, sea, and flowers, till you get this inherit need to create. Let me tell you something. It takes true mastery to juggle the artist-life with everyday-life.

Brakkk!(aka George): This one is so much more talented.

M: Their names are written in the *******

Woman: Yeah, but you are a Spanish-macho-player.

Women: We love you *, We hate you #!

Hopper Playtime-tip: sun, sea, and flowers.

M: I make sure you will find M., I’m already in all the papers, supermarkets,  everywhere.

I will leave my msg behind “Rosemary leaves in clear blue water”.

Scientific perspective: How human psychology is involved in Dimensional Design

Singularity [Freudian Psycho-analytics]: Instinct, individual animal state

Duality [Jungian Synchronicity]: Sub, collective mystical state

Triality: X (Manneken Pis)

Quartality: A pipe is not a cigar

Fifth Dimension: Travelling through the post-4 levels

6th ~ 9th: Time binders, more about this in later essays.

Letters floating in a pond, © M.

Towards collective invention

Marcel: I hope you are not offended right there, but I tell the plain truth.

{Marcel Duchamp}: M.

{Michael Talbot}: M. “I hate the term mechanism”.

T: At a deeper level, what I call the holographic level of reality; every particle in the universe collapses to a cosmic unity. *Lacan Mirror-Stage

What is collective invention?

J.T.G. and his students, c. 1946, aside of some his better-known students ~ children; Manuel Pailos, Guido Castillo, Horacio Torres, Augusto Torres, Jorge Visca, Rodolfo Visca, Julio Alpuy, Federico Amen, Jose Gurvich and Francisco Matto. Above the door a fish. Now hanging above an open door at the Centre Pompidou (Paris). The Irascibles- Promotional poster of American Abstract Expressionists; Counter-point Newman, on top of the men-made mountain a woman[*] Rising Star | №1. © M.

Van ‘t Hoff (Friend of the Van Doesburg house-gang) residing outside a model of a house by Mr. Wright |" ♥ foofy Madame Rosenbaum, I made the same mistake".

Remember, listen to your heart, do something good. That’s all that counts in the end.  The rest is smoke & mirrors.

Dimensional Design Theory by Marcel Moonen. M. Production. None of this text is auto-generated, text may not be reused without author's promotion. [EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE ONLY] Triple-A Society.
First published 1.7.2020