IT 02 - Abstract : Reality [A. Hitler]

Have you ever wondered, — while flipping through the channels or scrolling through the pages — , which are mentioning only one-and-the-same-thing;

How is it possible to shape the collective behavior of a complete society?

I guess I’m one of those few silly people asking this question, especially in these important times of world crisis. Well, I think it turned out to be the right time to answer this question.

To answer this question correctly; to get at the core of it all, we have to put on our yellow-alchemical-vest and dissect the domain of conceptual art with politics.

Excerpt Slide 170/325 Abstract : Reality [Language], J.P. about Constructivism, understood and explained by J.P., [Extended in yellow, by M.], M.© 2018

In one of my previous essays about Abstract : Reality I talked about M.; who is considered to be the greatest conceptual artist of all time. M. understood the rules of constructivism and mastered the world of contemporary-conceptual-art with his self designed art-games.

M.: But wait a minute…!

[1 Minute later]

M.: There is one person who went even further.

A conceptual artist who passed by unrecognized throughout art-history, but became world-famous throughout general-history.

A conceptual artist who broke the boundaries of make-believe.

A conceptual artist who could transforms an image of pure fictional imagination into reality, and actually succeeded {though temporarily}

A conceptual artist who set up a system-of-false-play; which traces can be discovered throughout our hyper-modern society.

A conceptual artist who developed a sense of Germophobia that made him perform sex with his clothes on. {this fact is based on the latest rumors}

A conceptual artist who put aesthetics as the highest order; above society, above belief, even above humanity.

His name; Adolf Hitler.

*Introduction into Imaginational Theory; Abstract : Reality [Duchampian Chess]

**The first chapter of Imaginational Theory; IT 01: Virus Propagation through Pilot Wave Theory.

Terms and Conditions

To not see the forest for the trees, — while our memories get easily troubled looking back at these dark pages in history — . So, to do this research as unbiased and objective as possible, we have to create some distance towards the subject. We will reduce the name of the subject to its scientific abbreviation: H. , and continue our investigation.

H.; In the shadows of perceptions

7 Projections of a character H.

The amount of movies about the Second World War, and the publication of books about the character H. is still going at a rate higher than the publication of papers about Quantum Mechanics.

Our society is bombarded with a mixture of true and false images of the events that took place during WW2. It are these visuals that mold our outlook on the character H. The force of it all is stunningly powerful; it gradually affects our unconscious feelings, and therefore even our collective behavior.

From the dry-sec distant portraiture of H. in a German documentary about his uprising period, a satirical appearance in an English sketch by Charlie Chaplin, and its latest configuration, H. as a comedic-cardboard-figure (PG-13 Rating), in the creation of a Young New Zealand director.

Nevertheless all these projections from multiple directions have something non-essential in common; a focus on the surface traits of H., instead of the phenomenal content of H.

2 J., A psychologist stance: H. was both high in openness {creative mind} & highly orderly {systematic mind}.

This combination is very uncommon, you could even say rare among society.

The Story of H.; A Balinese Shadow Puppet Show {Wayang}, M.© 2020

Time — as always — moves in an upward tradition. The further we get away from important events that took place throughout history, the more our Memories ~ Images of these events will not anymore be based on us actual experiencing it first sight, but through the secondary projections we perceive in multiple media forms.

These projections finally turn into the shadows of a Balinese puppet show. This play is partly based on fiction, partly based on common truths. The distance to the events that occurred during WW2 are already too far and unreachable for some collective minds . The Factthese horrendous events actually did take place in history are denied, and even considered a false construct. This is the first step in the process in which each historical event will eventually turn into a Homeric Saga.*

*History of Art teacher: J.T.G, The Arcadian Modern, in MoMa, left out Joaquín studies –in which personalities turn into laughing-mirrors completely (A series of distorted portraits of well-known people J.T.G painted late in his life).

**History of Time ~ Art teacher: You can read more about How Homeric Saga’s are created in Abstract : Reality [Shadowplay]

Everyone starts out as a point, even H.

Picture of H., when he was a mere light-point in Time ~ Space. Disclaimer: This form of representation is created with the use of a stolen technique from J. superposed with self-developed techniques {Triangles Squares & Ellipses}. Young father: I read something remarkable in a book about children’s perception, they observe spherical lamps {Bollamp} as if it were human faces, M.© 2020

Years ago a middle-aged-professor from J. {I} descent opened his sketch-book, he flipped through the pages, filled with chaotic notes and small drawings. He stopped somewhere in the middle, an empty page. He took his pencil and drew two figures.

Figure 1: A class full of dots, M.© 2020

M.-aged-professor pointed out: This is what we perceive, but to fully understand the matter, we have to put our focus on the points itself.

Figure 2: Historically important Figures; H. & L. derived from the same school, M.© 2020

M.-simple-student: What! They are no-points anymore? Who is this other dead pixel?

M.-aged-professor: That’s L. , They played together as children. Years later they wrote just III Essential books about these plays.

L. acted as a tyrant school-teacher himself. Then he turned into a philosopher-architect, a very-strict-and-rigid one at first, but later in his life he loosened up. He moved to an English University and lectured-while-lounging. Here you can find a projection of his teachings.

M.-old-professor-of-human-logic-systems: Remember. You can put as many 0's together as you want, but they will never form a 1.

However, if you become a great player of Abstract : Reality you could put yourself [1] in front an infinity of {0’s} and win the End-game.

M.-simple-student: What do you mean?

Is it really that simple?

M.-old-professor-of-human-logic-systems: Fooled you!

You can put the 1 wherever you want, it will not change the equation in any form.

Businessman: Trust the numbers, the Numbers are crystal-clear.

M.-old-professor-of-structures: If you want to build a pyramid, you have to become a block yourself.

The proof of power rule describes X to the n power; this is where you should put the 0’s in the equation. Cause if you want to stay in power, — for sure you will not build the pyramid yourself — , that would take you ages. If you create enough 0’s you can let them build your pyramid.

M.-very-old-professor-of-human-sub-logic-systems: A pyramid is in effect a mere superficial shadow of the sub-dimensional-hierarchy system as play here. I will tell you more in a next chapter of IT, IT 03: Systems of Dimensional Hierarchy.

Architect T.: Hmm..Ok, but how do I create enough 0’s to construct a pyramid?

H.: Well, first you need a vision.

A vision doesn’t appear out itself, you need to practice a lot and it's partly formed by your own experience. I lived years as a poor man on the streets of Vienna, trying to re-event myself after the terrible events I’ve witnessed firsthand in WW1.

I made hundreds of drawings and paintings of architecture and landscape. People call me a simple-house-painter...

…Maybe they are right, but they don 't know how difficult it is to say that simple. Once in a while I even sold a couple of impressions to the Jewish shop-owner downstairs. It was the only way I could survive and pay rent.

Top images; Early work Down left; H. + S. The artist and the architect join forces. Down right; Later work (unrealized), M.© 2020

I wasn’t necessarily a particularly gifted student; it must be the reason why I was rejected twice for the Art-Academy, but I self-thought the essential lessons of observation and creation, of art; and finally arrived at the essentials of pure conceptual art.

Encyclopedia: In his 1925 autobiography Mein Kampf, H. described how, in his youth, he wanted to become a professional artist, but his dreams were ruined because he failed the entrance exam of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

H. was rejected twice by the institute, once in 1907 and again in 1908.

My art became so popular, it’s even being forged until this day. There are collectors out there paying big bucks to get their hands on my original blue-prints. It’s not so expensive as a stolen copy of an original toilet-pot by my biggest competitor M., but it’s getting there,

1 day…

Toilet-pot-chess-player M.: You’ve noticed your way-of-play became a must-copied-style throughout the 21st century?

Well I’m flattered, but they have it much easier nowadays, with all these technological advancements. I mean a tracing-app; that’s much more effective than all the paperwork I had my 0's process. I rather used them all to build my pyramid.

SSD: All those 0’s I had to employ to do the work for me,bwah…

S.: I can only dream of such efficient methods.

Anyways, to wrap it up…From there out I could build my own vision into reality.

H.’s Circle

Group-Think-Picture of H., M.© 2020 The equation of a phenomenon called H.

H = {S} + {G} + {B} + {H} + {G} + {R} + {D} + {… X^n}

IT Teacher: Group behavior originates from 7 particles. Particles start to exhibit collective behavior as soon as there are seven or more. Once there are seven or more of them, they behave the same as a swarm of billions.

Some of you will already be familiar with H.’s Circle; the documentary series. But in this Essay we are going to talk about the actual shape of the circle.

As I mentioned at the beginning, H. was an absolute-aesthetic, he could not bare any slight deviation, and H. went completely mad by the mere sight of any actual displacement of his circle.

H. would go for his perfect circle! A surface of blond and blue eyes; collective in both act and behavior.

Natural Philopsophy teacher: The perfect circle only lives in our imagination, you would not find it in reality. If you look closely at a circular shape, — such as a planet — you will always spot small deformations on the curve of the arc.

Nevertheless H., while he became the most famous conceptual artist in the world, projected this imaginary vision of a perfect circle into reality. To do so, you have to rule out as much grain as possible. Focus on the crowd and create a formidable fluid out of groups. A fluid; that before was only characterized by the spooky interaction between distinct particles.

As people that flow through the gates of a stadium you will be able to direct them, every grain will eventually get lost in the continuous stream of this powerful movement.

H.: Shift the balance from the personality of the individual character; to the organizational ~ mechanized power of the collective.

From Real Man to Statistical Men

Alchemist C.; The bigger the crowd, the smaller the individual power. We are all easily impressed by statistical images and large numbers.

Alchemist M.; If the many say it’s true, it must be true, if the many say it’s necessary, it must be necessary. It ought to be done and it must be good.

To create a perfect fluid; the mixture, — at first — has to become disordered. This a natural-wave-like-process, but it’s possible to force-up the speed of this process. This is most essential to create a newly-accepted-order, even if this new-order is based on a false-system-of-play.

It’s exactly in the moment of crisis, in which the people-as-individuals try to find answers to the complex situations they have to face in their daily lives. These personal questions will grow into a collective inert desire to receive simple answers, which will take a scale of demanding proportion.

So to become the master of this boiling fluid, you have to disguise yourself as a circle. Feel the directions of the waves present in reality, so you can become one with the waves and ride it to perfection. Meanwhile, study its patterns of biological behavior. H. did this with a proven-&-effective technique, called improvisation-repetition-rehearsal.

Much like a stand-up comedian, H. forms his plays, partly — on the spot — partly through talking about past experience. Teach a new behavioral-code-of-manners.

Walk around like a puppet, and base your next moves on the direct reactions of the crowds. Do this 10 times, 100 times, it comes natural, 1000 times, or even more.

Every time the same message with small alterations through your current observations. Focus on the young people in the crowd, these are the most formidable in their behavior. The older, well…

They will be gone soon anyways.

Spread the message as a virus! {De Jonge}

{G} A major part of the H.equation, (on the right-side), figured out how to put more power to the message, by using a continuous stream of projected thoughts. Just as H., G. had practiced obsessively as a stand-up-speaker, at moments even overthrowing H. himself.

Through a highly orchestrated method;

  1. Creative-word-play, {coining terms such as the Iron Curtain, Untermensch, Gutmensch and the famous “Der” Articulation; der Jude, der Russe, etc.}
  2. By using the latest technological advancements {New-Normal Goal; Radio’s for Everyone!} in media propaganda, H. could reach more crowds in smaller amounts of time.

Creative-word-play by H.{G}

H.: Repeat this move, — always the same move — , — play the same melody — , but increase the tempo and volume clockwise, finally you will end up where you want to go; Drum & Bass by H. most beloved performance artist Leni.

H.: Almost there

Group of perfect scouts, M.© 2020

When you succeed, — when you false-play well enough — , you can shift your focus completely to the young. Set-up the latest programs in which you can project your imaginary vision the strongest; so they will become the perfect scouts for your message.

Political power has now become overruled by the Organic Power of the collective, all under the control of your fingertips.

A copy of the red book by H. can be found in some state libraries. Because of his highly science-fictional content private sales of the Red Book are not allowed in several countries around the world. , M.© 2019

Among the young you will find large numbers of science-fiction lovers. You need these front-runners to sell your red book, thus so propagating a false system of thought.

Left; H. In a war-portrait Right; Painting H. made of his first French love, M.© 2020

But before all that Mumbo Jumbo, first a small trip to your old-French-love, the art-world, to establish yourself once and for all; as the No.1 conceptual artist in the world.

Conceptual Art, the first exhibition, curated by H.

H. took out the last grains of his new –-almost completely fluid — mixture, by crossing back from the borders of politics to art.

H. collected all the grains he could find left in the stream, and established a collection to be put on public display; Expressionist, Cubist, Surrealist, Dadaist, you name it, H. collected it as if it were golden seeds of a money plant. He curated an extraordinary, once in a lifetime, travelling exhibition that started with an opening show in Munich; The Modern Art exhibition for the common man.

[Entartete Kunst] (1937){A stunning 650 modernist works chaotically hung together. The best exhibition on German Expressionist art ever organized, and maybe even the best early-modernist-art exhibition in general}.

Visitor: It was very interesting.. At that time, a lot of people went, and most of those who went to see the exhibition weren’t friends of H. direction.

The works were combined with marketing-spam. Slogans, logos, symbols and posters were placed all around the art, stating: all this is devilish and a disgrace.

B. Bob, curated by H., M.© 2020

In the meantime H. artistically manages to sell his personal collection of non-artistic decency and behavior to the big crowds; as empty-plastic-bottles , and sometimes even as shit in a can.

Kristallnacht {Night of broken Light-bulbs}

Night of Broken Light-bulbs, M.© 2020

To celebrate the huge sales of his Red-science-fiction, H. organized a gathering at the local public libraries all around the country. This event is mythically coined as the Night of Broken Light-bulbs; a warm bonfire, supplied by all the piles of Otherwise-Useful-Papers produced by Particular Personalities.

Ancient Symbols; Modern Signs [in the mix]

We boiled our liquid emulsion hard enough to arrive at an almost perfect stream, most of the previous-visible-grains have been dissolved. From now on we can focus our attention more on staging and directing the mass crowd. We start our construction of a pyramid of false thoughts.

Let’s open the history books and search for some Sanskrit Universal Symbols we can use for our transformations into reality.

Left; Swastika; An ancient symbol of divinity ~ Swastika; A modern symbol of oppression, Right; David Star

The child in H.: This one looks good!

A symbol of divinity and spirituality in Indian religions, including Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. Promising…

Let’s take the clockwise rotating version and give a modern straight-forward touch to it. Make it a bit more aggressive, thus powerful looking.

H. and more than 7 particles standing around his Dinky Toy., M.© 2020

H.: Yes, I let people drive around in roundish-cars and sell them straight-forward looking logos and clothes. It doesn’t make any sense you say.

Let me tell you something; It doesn’t need to look sensual, as long it creates the right foundation for our pyramid of false thought.

As I already filled in — a simple, but false answer — to all the complex problems of the masses. We can start a process of distancing and seclusion; to purify our emulsion to a crystal-clear-distillation.

Going through the ancient manuscripts I found this recurring symbol, it ought to be powerful. We can just use this symbol; the same symbol, we just override its meaning.

Conspiracy Theorist: These are two inverted intersecting pyramids inside the star of D.!

Inside the notebook of H., M.© 2020

We are not so technologically advanced yet, no tracing-apps, but we can at least start building the database of numerical figures; a list with particular characters on one side, and the uniform * {Star} symbol at the other. Eventually we’ll end up with an easy two use, double-button-list; [X]{*}.

This makes it all much easier to extract the peculiar-side-of-the-liquid, visibly separate it from the common stream. The analog database will form the base for our future to be digitized aesthetic-hygiene-program.


Top Disclaimer: This chapter is an exercise in Deep Imaginational Theory; Applying above theory in practise, thus so understand past, current and future events through historical recurring patterns. Facts, fiction and reality are mixed, a trained eye and mind is necessary to follow this chapter.

The links are an integral aspect of this part of research.

Biology found in the drawers of the Library, 2019, M.

Through false applied biology H. coined the invented term — New Normal — as its ideal image and attempted to mold society into a cohesive-community that excluded anyone deemed to close to his ideal circle.

Public health measures to control reproduction {Spoorboekje} aimed at strengthening the international body, by isolating Particular-Particles from the common stream.

Many physicians and scientists who had supported hygiene ideas before embraced the new emphasis on biology and heredity, the new career opportunities provided, and the additional funding for research.

Political analyst: The masked-hand of the pharmaceutical-lobby is as strong and effective as in those days of early rising.

All educational and cultural institutions and the media propagated the message of an aesthetic-hygiene-program through society and its institutions.

Particular self-thinking-particles; were considered alien and got expelled. Purged from universities, scientific {Nobel} research institutes, hospitals, and public health care. Persons in high positions who were viewed as politically unreliable met a similar fate.

While multiplying the volume of ongoing mass-hysteria; by using the Dutch H. principle, H. trumpeted experts warnings of national deaths and aimed to reverse the natural trend of falling numbers.

A hysterical; otherwise healthy young woman called G., self-triangulated through the aesthetic-hygiene-program.Micro-Biologist: if you examine this triangle with a microscope you will see small holes, an easy road for travelling aerosols. M.© 2020

A New Provisional Law {Zeeland Version} banned close distance between the healthy and persons deemed unfit.

Science-Fiction writers A. ~ O. : Prototypes were being tested for a recent-future purpose, — as an integral part of new-order-society — , or proposed as a possible solution for containing a wider audience.

Nevertheless some ideas were easily overthrown by a young resistance, with the power of 1 Star [*].

Prime-minister M. proclaimed : In my state, mother is the most important citizen.

B.G. Senior [Junior] fulfilled their long-held dreams by brute-forcing the enactment of the Law for the Prevention of Diseased People.

The new law, an offspring of the efforts H. made, was co-authored by X. , a lawyer, a physician and multiple director_ of public health affairs, a philanthropist and other leaders.

In the Universal States, some newspaper editors noted the mass scale of the policy and feared that H.’s Law would apply to everyone.

In contrast, America’s most famous IT{Not to be confused with another definition of IT} salesman viewed the law as the logical development of earlier thinking by Germany’s best specialists, and not as a hasty improvisation to overcome the problems and mold a more{less} resistant society.

Political Urbanism; Social Distancing

The diseased heart of the city

In this powerful stream of common sense H. transmitted his symbolic-self-created-worldview into a plan of urban implementation; Ghetto-tech.

Particular particles were reduced to abstract-distant-geometry; walking around as starry signboards, and listed as numbers in an analog database.

H: I already ordered to move all the P-P’s on the list to a secluded, walled-in place, contained at the heart of the city. Not to contaminate the rest of society with false thoughts, dirty manners, or just mere visual sight.

Abstract representation of the played-strategy by H., M.© 2020

Heart transplantation

Through concentration of the false-blame in this new-society-construct, the focus of our view can easily be directed, directed to the false-problem-solution way curve.

What was once a collection of individual particles, becomes a universal symbolic figure, which can only be healed with the-right gesture; Remove the malfunctioning heart, and become whole again.

The malfunctioning heart continued beeping at a faster-more-productive-but-short-lived-phase, ducked away, behind an endless forest full of dead trees.

The final result of Uniformity in political urbanism, M.© 2020


After an intense process of mass propagation and directing the common, which resulted in the production of a mindless stream of endless 0’s, H. could finally start to construct his precious pyramid in physical reality.

Reaching sky-high in a snap of a breath; Cause, as H., was fully aware of, its roots were hooked in the universal laws of common human behavior.

Double-Director of War Generals: To destroy this pyramid we must use an emulsion of fire woods and metals;

{1} An army of wooden figures will approach the object from both flanks.

{2} Periodically & uncontrollably we sprinkle the top of the pyramid with a water-fall of scrap-metal.

[3] If we continue this procedure long enough we can dissolve the pyramid with this proof-of-work-threefold-technique.

Atom experts: This is terribly in-efficient.

D-D-W General: What are you talking Idiot!

Atom experts: I have a way to move directly to the end-line; to jump to [3] in a breath of q split-second.

A. Violinist: Play white-on-white, with a slight rotation.

D-D-W General: Tell me more…

Atom expert: It’s a Single-Button solution to dissolve the Pyramid; Any Pyramid for that matter, a permanent solution for all your problems: We use the un-imaginable formula of Ein-Philosopher-Stein.

D-D General: I don’t understand anything of what you are saying, but nevertheless I’ll give you all the resources and money necessary.

Media-Tycoon: Just make a nice cover, put the Stone’s formula in the corner there, on top of the mushroom

A: ?

D-D General: I just received a DM from the future, President.

President gave the strict and explicit orders to capture P-P, A4; Rocket-Man W.

And you A.! I give you an offer you can’t refuse. You join the construction of: Manhatten.

A: What is my role? I don’t function In-Group.

Just Sign this 1 Letter to the President.

Unconscious — Power — Overload [1UP]: Ok…Where do I sign?

Thnx, right here, we need your name, else we might loose this round,…this H. is moving blitzy fast.

H. has the help of Rocket-Man W., and all these other Brilliant Germans, such as O.

Our main purpose at this time is to capture as many P-P’s as possible.

for the start of the next round,

against Red.

Megaphone: We initiate Operation Paperclip!

[The Sound of an Ancient Chinese Gong]

. : Do you want the world,

and control it?


ASPD’s: That’s not a question!

. : …

. : The world is a sacred vessel and can not be controlled.

. : You will only make it worse if you try.

. : It may slip through you fingers and disappear

. : .




ASPD’s: I thought I heard an Echo of a Dong, In the far East? Where were we…?



Ah! Yes Manhatten.

Follow your human-instinct! A straight-line-forward! Follow

The Echo!

It’s only because of the shear-brute-force of two combined streams guided through the same basic principles, that H.’s perfect pyramid withhold only a short matter of time. Nevertheless its shadow projections will float along with us, throughout the deep of time ~ space.

Shadow of H. {I}, M.© 2020

Diaries; Around the World in a Prisoners Courtyard

H= {S} + {G} + {B} + {H} + {G} + {R} + {D} + {… X^n}

H. didn’t succeeded to physically live-through the WW2, but his close shadow-companion succeed to stay alive for another 30 years.

Together they created, — during the WW2 — , the fruitful non-dual union of Artist ~ Architect, that succeed in transporting the conceptual-imaginary-world, based on a system-of-false-play, into physical reality.

The diary of S. its original version can only be seen in 1 private library, M.© 2020

S. was a master in simultaneously living and re-writing history; fooling even the most contemporary historians. He used an again ancient, but forgotten technique, even used in a small extent by the likes of Rembrandt; of superposing imaginary ideas, twisting events, characters and complete story-lines.

His partly fictional ~ partly real diaries helped him historically escape the responsibilities of the terrible acts he was guilty of.

He Co-Strategized the rules-of-the-game with his closest partner H.

During his long days; while living as one of a group of 7 prisoners in a heavily guarded private-prison, he did something imaginable spectacular. S. went onto a journey around the world, inside the small prison courtyard. {I kid you not}

World Walk @ Spandau, Berlin! — NY TIMES, 1986

S. walked around the complete world, (land distance minus sea), while simultaneously describing the nations, cultures and the variety of countries he crossed in his diary. It took S. many, many years, but he fulfilled his life-journey.

Finalizing the H. Equation

So, -as a common rule in important phenomena-, there is only one shadow-figure in the H. equation that could understand the thought-patterns of H., because S. was also an artist himself.

With a mind as sharp as an arrow he succeeded to position himself on the other side of the equation. Thus so I present you The Final Solution of this Abstract : Reality equation

Abstract : Reality = [H {S}] : [ {S} + {G} + {B} + {H} + {G} + {R} + {D} +{ … X^n} ]


Abstract : Reality = [H {S}] : [ {P} + {P} + {P} + {P} + {P} + {P} + P} + {… P^n }]

The 7 particles {P} on the right side of the equation we can now rewrite as 7 P:

Abstract : Reality = [H {S}] : [ {7 P} +{ P^n} ]

Exceptional Woman: I don't need an equation to feel the problem at hand. It's clearly a Potential-Problem.

In layman terms: Too many P's called Dick in the equation.


P-P drifting in an ocean of P. , M.© 2020

M: Don’t Forget fellow P-P! Remain a P-P, and never disappear in the ocean of P.

I hope you enjoyed this creative experimental journey into the history of social science, mass-psychology, politics, art and a bit of physics; a dive into Imaginational Theory. Until next time.

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IT 02 — Abstract : Reality by M.{Marcel Moonen}. All texts, ideas, images and thought-lines are credited by © M. Links and sources are directly integrated in the text. This research is based on past observations by F. and his key-apprentice J. ; travelling on the borders of science-fiction. This paper is first published to a wider audience on 05.2020. © M. Production
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