IT 01 : Virus Propagation through Pilot Wave Theory

Today I’m going to discuss the propagation {way-curve} of a virus, like C. I will use a technique, which I coined: [IT] Imaginational Theory. By doing something quite bizarre; Superposing the double slit experiment onto the question of virus propagation. I will show that the observation of these two phenomena have more in common than you might think.

D: If you try to solve a problem with the same mindset you created it, you will end up with more problems, and no solution.

Through this study on the propagation of a virus, like C., I will unravel false paradigms about the characteristics of this virus. Most of these false paradigms are, at this moment, widely believed throughout society:

  • Testing will help stop the spread of a virus, like C.
  • Our restriction will dictate the shape of the curve; we can lead its direction.
  • A virus moves as a particle, not as a wave. In layman terms: the virus jumps around like a grasshopper; therefore it’s so widely spread.
  • A tracing-app will prevent the spread of a virus, with characteristics like C.

Be as Big as a Galaxy

To start this creative research, we have to do a little thought experiment.

Looking through your Hubble-lens, M.©

“B: Size doesn’t count, it’s scale that counts.”

Imagine yourself as big as a galaxy, looking down with a big Hubble-lens at planet earth. You zoom in, and in…You see infrastructure, roads, houses, traffic. You zoom in further; you notice particles moving in strange patterns; airplanes, cars and at the end of it all; you’ll find tiny little dots. They are everywhere!

Art teacher: As polka-dots in an artwork by [Y].

Excited what you might discover, you take a zip of your coffee, and look again. Suddenly the patterns change, less airplanes, less traffic. You look even closer because you would like to know; Where did all those dots go?

There they are! The bright pointy lights inside the apartment blocks unveil activity, the dots are there, hidden behind the wall.

…You remember the old man, your teacher, talking about those dots. He called them P., during his lectures about Order ~ Relativity.

The old man told you why, and how they move around, you also read about it in the many books published about this topic by other older man and women, like H., but now, right at this moment, it is the first time you could really see how it works, how it all moves in practice.

Highly ordered, so systematic, just as you were thought by your old masters.

What is there to see more?

Let’s turn the lens further around, in clockwise direction. You start to look closer, and even closer, you zoom in till the end of your 20.000 LY-GIGA Zoom lens. Everything gets blurry; it ripples, it cracks and it boggles.

You notice irregular shapes; as waves in a giant pool, but you cannot really figure out what this is, that you are looking at. It moves so quick, as if you would be only seeing the footsteps it left behind.

You shout out loud in excitement! It behaves so strangely hé!!! Chaotic. You turn back from the lens and take a deep breath.

Something written there on the side of Hubble…? in big bold letters:

“Look into the past and you can discover the future. Hubble.

As you are a scientist, who likes categorizing things, such as your discoveries; you call it C., after A. and B., which are already taken as the scientific names for the Sun (A) and the Moon (B).

Story of Two Graphs

The RIVM (Dutch health authorities) told that our measurements had a giant positive effect. The data generated to use this graph shows the number of critical hospitalizations (Intensive Care), published on the box (NOS) . The blue line represent reality, with the taken measurements, the red line is a model of a not-happened reality, without measurements. 2020, ©RIVM, Click here to see the original article with this Graph (Dutch)

This is an advertisement by the Dutch government in collaboration with the overreaching health authorities; RIVM. With the measurements we’ve taken, we stopped the exponential growth,  - a path leading out of screen -, towards Jupiter in a matter of days. As you can see here, our measures are very effective.

Without prevention we would have seen the red line, as shown in the background, now we have the blue line in the foreground.

M.: Haha, is this a practical-joke or something?

I looked around, nothing there… I went to the website of the NOS (Dutch Public News Network), and the website of the RIVM.

What!? This image was published there, in the same format, I cannot believe it! How can they be serious? Not one country in the world has seen a graph with an endless exponential growth.

Some days went by…

New news arrived; 3.4% of Dutch population has developed immunity, according to our most recent test under blood-donors (this is a lower bound estimate, cause of the specific test group).

3.4%, A figure which seem very small at first, but let’s do a small calculation:

17.3 Million inhabitants * 0.034 = 588.200 People, quite a lot of people actually.

We round this off to 600k to make it easier, [astronomical rate of infection spread], exactly at the same moment of the publication of this graph, there were about 20k cases registered in the Netherlands.

Some days went by again…

Till 1 day.

Jean parle dans les Désert (Jean speaks in the desert)(Diplopia), Julien Dinou, oil on canvas, 1951, Swiss private collection

Suddenly, just before falling asleep, it hit me as thunderbolt in a summer-desert-storm. The red line leading towards Jupiter, it’s there! Let me explain to you, with some Abstract : Reality.

How two graphs became one, the blue line represents the registered cases causing critical hospitalizations, the red line (Exponential Growth to Jupiter) the undetected case of C., 2020, M.©

If we split the graph in two, we will find two graphs, which are represented by the authorities and experts as one single event in time. The red line didn’t happen, but not for the reasons explained by the authorities, cause the astronomical rate of infections that would have caused the red line did happen. [at least 600k infected at peak times]

It was believed that this occurrence of exponential spread would have led to over 10.000 critical hospitalization at its most critical moment.

Student X.: So, the numbers of critical infections on the whole of infected cases was much lower than predicted?


Then, as the next step; the presentation of the foreground model [critical hospitalizations] is believed to be the correct abstract representation of the event taken place. But what we are looking at is just the border of the event that took place.


This system-of-thought the scientist D. would have called a form of false play, thought that got entangled and believed to be the correct order.

M: I would call it diplopia {double vision}.

Prof dr. X: What has this to do with quantum mechanics?

Well, it doesn’t end there, this is just the start of our C. Study.

I will explain to you more in the next chapter, Shooting Waves, Tracing Particles. But first I’ll have to give you a small history lesson about the son of the Dutch Poet C., who can be recognized as the first observer of Rembrandt ~ Lievens*.

Incoming message from the King: In his spare time, this father of C. also played the role of secretary to two Princes of Orange.

This is a former Orange prince, in his home-office hangs a painting of ©. The King

Huygens ~ Fresnel Principle

This son of C. was not a poet, not a musician; he was one of the first science-fiction writers in history(no joke), who practiced science in his free time.m

And even though he was not a professional musician, he discovered remarkably beautiful things about music, about sound, but also about light; about waves, to be more correct.

He was not alone in his discoveries, as Rembrandt ~ Lievens, and Van Dongen ~ VerhoevenEinstein ~ Bohr, together with his French companion F. he discovered the Huygens ~ Fresnel Principle.

The Huygens–Fresnel principle displayed in linear and curving chain. Here you see two figures: dots on a straight chain, and dots on a curved chain. There is a third configuration, dots on a sphere (or in fluid spatial shape), but to not complicate things too much, we keep it flat, 2D. Those dots on a line represent wave-sources.

Chris found out that every point on a wave front (the straight line or curved) acts as a point-source; in which the wavefront develops in tangent directions to their envelope.

The propagation of waves, like sound or light, look like the diagrams displayed above; just for you to get the correct abstract image about this event.

There are many more beautiful things Christiaan found out, alone and together with Fresnel and all the other BIT players, at that time.; about nature, about perceiving reality, but for now we keep it with this very short introduction. We’ve built up sufficient knowledge to take the gun and shoot some particle ~ waves.

Space Man, 2019,

Shooting Waves, Tracing Particles

There is this common saying among physicists.

“Who, who thinks he gets to understand Quantum Mechanics, just thinks he gets it, but doesn’t get it.” — Feynman

There are many theories about Quantum Mechanics, which even end up in different ways, with the correct set of mathematics, but nevertheless the concepts behind its working are very difficult to grasp.

But one theory stands out for its visual clarity, that’s why I consider it the most imaginative, the most understandable theory. A concept which you can follow even without a background in Mathematics; and it uses elements from the Huygens ~ Fresnel Principle. It is called the Pilot Wave Theory, by B. & B.

Physicists find the phenomena occurring in Quantum Mechanics so fascinating that the number of papers published about it, well, to say it politely, is going at a rate higher than the propagation of a virus like C., it is the no.1 topic in the world of modern physics.

Student no.1: These B&B. guys were sort of the David Copperfield Crusher in the Quantum World, right? Demystifying piles of papers.

So we don’t see the forest for the trees; I reduce it to a very short-readable summary, available for everyone to read, about a particular experiment in Quantum Mechanics; The Double-slit experiment, by de Jong.

I’m technically not a writer, so I will continue with more diagrams to explain these basic principles of Quantum Mechanics in a more visual and imaginative way.

What is expected as the correct abstract representation of the double-slit experiment, © Wikipedia

We take our electron-beam-gun and shoot some particles through a plate with two slits. We place an optical screen at a certain distance from the screen, you will presume {if you are a Rookie, and have never heard about QM}, that you will end up with a distribution shown in the picture above.

Two thick lines, close to each other.

Rookie: So that’s all, where is the magic in all that?

Well, surprisingly, that’s not what you get. Do you remember the picture I posted at the beginning of this Essay?

Rookie: This Galaxy with polka-dots?

Image of the optical screen in the double-slit experiment after a certain time (ΔT)

Yes! That is what you get, a galaxy full of dots.

Rookie: It looks sort of random.

Others would call it chaotic, others even spooky. Well let’s put a nice sticker on the trigger and continue shooting some hours more. Let’s see, after some time, if there are some patterns occurring anyway.

Next day { ΔT later} in the lab

Image of the optical screen (Frames) in the double-slit experiment after certain times (ΔT)

Student №3: This looks like the television screen of my grandmother, these screens with a slightly curved glass. When you turn them on without signal you get this snowy effect, but in the last one there are waves visible?

Exactly, the particles act as waves. This is the actual distribution of the particles on the screen, shown in an abstract diagram, at the moment of observation:

The correct abstract representation of the double-slit experiment, © Wikipedia

The double-slit experiment is a demonstration that light and matter can display characteristics of both waves and particles. Nevertheless, at the moment of observation we only see particles.

View from the Window at Le (Bleu) Gras — 1826 or 1827, 2020, M.

History of Physical Experimentation Teacher: When de Jong built his first experimental set-up of the double-slit experiment, it was thought that light consisted of either waves or particles. However, with the beginning of modern physics, about a hundred years later, it was realized that light shows behavior characteristic of both waves & particles.

M: The Dualistic Nature of the Particle ~ Wave.

Dictionary Abstract : Reality [Language], page: 265/325, 2018, Marcel Moonen©

Prof dr. X.: I know this already, what has this to do with the propagation of a virus like C.?

Let’s travel deeper. We now have some basic knowledge about the Huygens ~Fresnel Principle and the Double-Slit Experiment, we can now become creative grasshoppers ourselves.

Abstract : Reality = {Pilot Wave} : {Virus Propagation}

We enter the door of imagination and superpose the double slit experiment onto the question of virus propagation; let’s see what image we get here,
when we re-run the story.

What is expected as the correct abstract representation of the Virus Double-Slit Thought-Experiment©, 2020, M.©

We take our virus-beam-gun and shoot some virus particles through the openings of our skin. At a certain moment in time {ΔT later} after the shooting, we observe the spread through the test results. You will presume {if you are a Rookie, and have never heard about QM}, that you will end up with a distribution shown of the picture above. Two thick lines, close to each other.

Rookie: Like the red line, the graph to Jupiter?

Well, surprisingly, that’s not what you get. Do you remember the picture I posted at the beginning of this Essay?

Rookie: This Galaxy with dots?

The image we perceive of the spread of a virus like C., 2020, M.©

That is what you get. It looks sort of random, others would call it chaotic, others even spooky action at a distance.

Well let’s put a nice sticker on the trigger and continue shooting some virus particles days more. Let’s see, after some time, if there are some patterns occurring anyway.

Image of the test results (Frames) of the Virus Double-Slit Thought-Experiment, 2020, M.©

Next day’s { ΔT later} on the news

Student №3: It looks like the virus also entered the elderly home of my grandmother, she never leaves the room, how is that possible. I saw them talking about it, on these flat screens; 50% death of people happens inside elderly homes.

Exactly, the particles act as waves. This is the actual distribution of the virus particles in reality, at the moment of observation.

The correct abstract representation of the Virus-Double-Slit-Thought-Experiment, 2020, M.©

The Virus-Double-Slit-Thought-Experiment© is a demonstration that a virus can display characteristics of both waves and particles. Nevertheless, at the moment of observation we observe only the particles {registered diseased people}.

History of Imaginational Theory Teacher: First, when M. built his first experimental set-up of the Virus-Double-Slit-Thought-Experiment, it was thought that a virus consisted of particles, which shapes the curve of the spread. However, with the beginning of Imaginational Theory, about ΔT later, it was realized that a virus has both characteristics of waves & particles.

Random Student called M: The Dualistic Nature of the Particle ~ Wave in the propagation of a Virus.

Sportsman C.: As if you were trying to win a sprint againt Usain Bolt, while yourself are running the marathon.

We arrived at the final chapter; to explain what happened, according to abstract models; the magic trick unveiled, with B & B. non-intuitive [Imaginative] conceptualizing of the double-slit experiment, we’ll find the order inside presumed randomness.

C; Travelling on a Pilot Wave

Captured shot of sequence-abstraction of the pilot wave theory, Youtube user©

This is a diagram [Artwork] of the mechanics behind the double-slit experiment according the Pilot Wave Theory, by B&B.

The pilot wave theory; also known as B. mechanics, is a deterministic, non-local theory of the Q-M phenomenon, avoiding the troubles caused while, at the same time  [Everettian], interpreting the dualistic nature of Wave ~ Particles.

The electron-beam-gun particles instantaneously travel as waves through the two slits. When the particles are traveling through the double slit a rippling effect occurs [the same interference effect visualized in the C. Huygens Principle], but eventually we only see 1 side of the same coin: the particle.

Distribution of particles through Huygens~Fresnel Principle, visualized on the screen in a determinate shape

At the moment of observation, when we place the optical screen a certain time ~ distance. we can visualize the event; we observe the particle distribution in a wave shape pattern.

Moment of testing C., through Quantum Mechanics, 2020, M.©

DM{Direct Message}: If we now do the same, but with C.?

Remember, we are no human, we are a galaxy, so far away from planet earth, looking back at these events. We cannot see the particles moving around, only the resulting waves. The waves we are noticing travelling around, {when the test results are abstracted into a particle-graph}, happened already a long time ago.

“Look into the past and you can discover the future. ”
— Hubble.

While time is constantly on the move, the screen {the moment we observe reality} ripples outward into the distance.

Moment of “actual testing” C., at ΔT before current Time, through Quantum Mechanics, 2020, M.©

As we now know from the existing data, about the biological-behavior of the virus, most cases stay unnoticed, cause around 80% will have no or weak symptoms. We only register the hard cases. We try to trace back the origin of these registered cases, but what we observe is just a fraction of reality in our abstracted model [Double-Time mistake].

What we see happen, happens before we observe it. The pilot-waves guiding the particles in a virus like C., meanwhile drifted further, spreading itself on a wider surface.

(Red) Strong waves of interaction at current Time, through Quantum Mechanics, 2020, M.©

The red dots form lines of a strong movement of continuation, these are already contamination that happened way along.

S: As pollen travelling through a spring-wind, you notice the density of its concentration only the day you clean your windows, but it happened the day before yesterday.

We focus on one line, because we visualize the idea of the propagation not as a wave; but as a tree*. A wrong abstracted paradigm is taken as the right representation-model of reality.

*Read and see more about this dilemma here; Abstract : Reality (Chess).


Our measurements to direct and affect the speed and surface of the spread in a virus like C., through direct observation, will not affect the general trend of its direction.

Tracing through the use of Apps, and testing in bigger groups could eventually only lead to the discovery of one wave-lines back on the time-line, because these methods of observation act in retro-active fashion and will only cover the border of the event taken place.

Meanwhile the propagation continues in an exponential trend throughout society. What we are doing will not have more effect than causing a “deuk in een pakje boter” {dent in butter pack}. When the distance to the original source increases more rapid than the observation that takes place, the signal will die out eventually. We will think we guided the direction, but it’s a form of false play. It’s guiding itself.

“J: False play, like typing Rosebud in the Sims.”

I hope you enjoyed this creative experimental exercise, and I will be glad to welcome you again in our next journey into Imaginational Theory.

IT 01 : Virus Propagation through Pilot Wave Theory by M.{Marcel Moonen}. All texts, ideas, images and thought-lines are credited by M. ©

This is an experimental thought experiment using the model of Prismatic Thinking; on the premise of the theory of parallel quantum worlds of physicist Hugh Everett iii [Y] Yayoi Kusama polka dot visualisations, physicists De Broglie ~ Bohm Pilot Wave Theory, polymath Thomas Young FRS Double-slit experiment, polymath Christiaan Huygens ~ civil engineer/physicist Fresnel principle, physicists David Bohm ~ David Peat's notes on the implicate order, physicists Einstein ~ Newton quantum conflict talks, polymath Henri Poincaré Science and Hypothesis booklet, letters between David Bohm ~ the artist Charles Biederman, the architect Buckminster Fuller Geodesic Dome (from the structural organization of viruses by the chemist duo Caspar and Klug), C.G. Jung Synchronicity concept and recent observations (except conclusion) by military mathematician Isaac Ben-Israel.

Travelling on the borders of science-fiction.

This paper is first published to a wider audience on 01.05.2020.
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