Time ~ Collage

About the nature of these forms.

When you look at the details, then you suddenly discover that behind these details are a million more details. You never fuzz out. You find out that the possibility to see down into something is going forever and ever. That is the visual equivalent to hearing.

So this is an art-form designed to get you in the mood to understand that.

Eventually if you listen to sound that way,
or you look at forms that way, you discover its secrets.

This is just another way of investigation.

Scientific investigation does what we call looking out into matter, into the physical world. This is going into the opposite direction,  but it’s all the same continuum.

And what all these collages are, from various points of view, they are drawings of our own exterior world. Under the influence of the traditions of an indeed a particular culture, our culture, our [TIME], and therefore strike us as a little strange.

Whenever you look at a work of art and you feel; that’s weird...
That’s not the way the world looks. Everything got curls on it, it wiggles, it’s very strange. The reason for that is: they are showing you a vision you haven’t look at.

But what do you mean by odd?

Well it curls where it shouldn’t.
Or I don’t see things that way, with this extra flip on.

No indeed you don’t, but it is because the way you see things,
you go ordinary.

And as you know, when we see things, we ignore, we screen out certain aspects we don’t notice. So... the feeling of the strange, we use the word exotic. A thing looks exotic when you look at it from somebody else its point of view,

Eventually you get used to it. 

So if you are in a state of consciousness, which is not the usual definition of consciousness, you say its kind of weird...

If you are not prepared, you might be afraid of it. 
You will think: Am I going out of my mind?

Yes you are, you are going out of your ordinary set of mind, but you are going into just another aspect of mind, and at first it always feels weird.

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