Diorama, M.© 2021

urn of your GPS-system.

Take the ferry, pass the lake.

While on the water, leave the car,

light breeze in your ears.

Pictures of mountains,

one behind the other.

Layered cake.


Transmission sequence stars, M.© 2021

A painter in the landscape, painting a landscape.

A transmission-tower.

Next to the transmission-tower, a drone in the air.

Next to the transmission-tower, two people standing.

Next to the transmission-tower, a car passing by.

In the car three people.

No signs but arrived in Mystical Garden.

At the same moment: A bus, filled with tourist asking for directions at the entrance.

A bus, filled with the same tourists heading towards…

Camping. M.© 2021

A small wooden cabin, a woman inside.

From the Netherlands.

But how did you hear about us?

A folder.

At the campsite.

Yes! The campsite in which they separate metal, glass,

and paper near the entrance.

Yes!! The campsite in which they don’t separate plastics.

Yes!!! The campsite in which an anonymous person threw a plastic-suit in the river to make a point.

3 X 6 CHF = 18.

Notebook (manually written), M.© 2021

White book in which to put notes,
manually written. ‘Smart’

Small pathways…

First to the toilets.

Left corner,  a second bigger wooden cabin appeared.

This time in the left corner of my eyesight.

WC (Library), M.© 2021

A light stream in my ears.

Dripping water,
a sound-system inside the toilet-seat.

Or outside the toilet-seat.


Planting, M.2021

Moving ahead…through the narrow pathways.

Unfamiliar plants with name-plates next to it.


A third wooden hut.

The third hut (souvenir shop), M.© 2021

Souvenirs made from plastic disguised as glass or even sold as crystals.

stuffed toys,

and souvenirs.

Japanese House, M.© 2021

curving to the right,
to the left,

again to the right.

Getting lost in a dense forest with tall trees and ancient plants.

A fourth wooden cabin. This time framed as a manually-constructed-Japanese-house.

A pond with a small round bridge.

Water lilies floating in the water.

The Pond, M.© 2021

Val Fleury, through the forest,

A very-long-foot-journey-accompanied-by-a-friend.

28 km return-ticket.

A group of Chinese women having lunch in the deep-forest-leading-towards a castle-with-gardens.

Trapped like prisoners,

walls all around, a hard stone bench.

Pebbles, people marching.

Narrowing your vision.

There is one field completely left open. It’s majestic. A grand-open-green-field without people passing by.

Journey to the grand-open-green-field, M.© 2021

Disguised as souvenirs we marched ahead towards the garden-in the-garden.

two elliptical eye-shaped-spaces.

I opened a wooden fence in the Garden-in-Garden.


endless-green-fields and in the background mountains.

Mirror image in the pond, M.© 2021

The fifth a last wooden cabin.

A food-cabin.

A croissant, not a French croissant.

Also, not a Swiss Gipfeli.

A croissant with Gruyère inside,

heated like a Dutch Kaasbroodje.

The computer-programmer incl. ponytail + girlfriend standing behind ordered:

A hot — dog, or a {Frankfurter}?

with ketchup + mayonnaise — mustard.

Biology (Abstract : Reality), M.© 2021

A straight wooden deck stretching quite a while, next to it a slightly curved-artificially-created-pond.

Inside it a metal sculpture of a bird,

completely corroded.

Birds in the sky but hidden behind the trees.

Or above the trees?


bigger pebbles on even bigger pebbles.

Or should I call them rocks.

Elliptical Pebble, M.© 2021

Everywhere pebbles, little totems of pebbles.

I destroyed all the pebble-structures that I saw around and established a new constellation.

One big weighty-elliptical-pebble standing vertical on the base of a horizontal-bedrock.

[Radio Mystical Garden]

Tropical musical tunes.

Sometimes funny, sometimes annoying.

But it sticks in your head.

A wooden plank filled with cheese.

A beer, red-wine, and pieces of bread as a side dish.

Neighbours are served popcorn.

In the background a vague hint of a marketplace.

Antique, made-in-china, 60’s records and a stuffed mouse arranged in ‘A-logical-construct’.

Further in the background prostitutes walking the streets.

Behind trees.

Behind windows.

The wealthy Parisian.

The complete, Diorama, M.© 2021

Next to the toilet in the Mystical Garden a viewing point.

Walk three small stairs and you can oversee the complete.

Layered cake.


Garden (pt.3) © M. Production [EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE ONLY] Published 05.2021, written 11.2018, story & images by M. Triple-A Society