Robot (2022),  M. ©

In front of the statue with the wings,
Saint Michel.

Straight and squared shapes,
moving the arms with 90-degree angles,
60-degree rotations,
with the legs.

Small steps,
a shuffle in between.

Electronically composed music,
tunes that stay in your head when you pass by,
or wait 3 minutes to watch the robot dance.

Rotary (2022),  M. ©

You know a guy wrote a script for Pac-man.
The first script was to the left.
Pac-man was caught by the ghosts immediately.

The second script was to the left and then to the right. Pac-man was caught by the ghosts a bit later. But if you continue adapting the script for Pac-man it will eventually run infinitely.

The weirdest thing is,
you can take versions of the old script out,
shuffle it, it doesn’t matter at all.

It will continue to run,

Checkers (2022),  M. ©

Do you know this AI; it beat the world-grandmaster of Go.
A Chinese abstract board game, with a lot more variations than chess.

He also beat the top six human players in one go,
playing simultaneously.

But then they developed a new AI, which didn’t play anyone human, only itself.
They let it play against the old AI.

It won 100-0.

Flower of life (2022),  M. ©

Do you know this other AI, they feed him with thousands of classical compositions.

He compares sequences of tones and compares them mathematically and checks which tones sound good together and what not.
After a bit of self-learning it can generate its own musical compositions.

They still need composers and musicians to select which variations of the generated output sound good, but they are trying to work out that part also. Soundtracks for movies, music for television shows, series, etc.
These tunes.

True, they still need musicians to live perform the music, and record it,
for now.

Triad (2022),  M. ©

Maybe it does sound too perfect...

Look over there!”

In front of the closed bookstore.
A shimmering light, two guys and a stereo.
Hip-hop moves, weird stuff man.

Go figure.  

Robot (Pt. 4) by M. Moonen 03.2022 [EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE ONLY]
Triple-A Society,  M. Production