Text based adventures {ongoing}

Do you remember a time playing text-based-adventures?

Do you remember those blank pages lying in your printer?

Do you remember,

a time dreaming away in a glass of milk?

Blank page, M.

Imagine a text based adventure printed with milk on a blank page of paper.

You came to the right place.


I ordered some books today:

Amazon, stories about a dying rainforest.

Jobs, the private life of Karl Marx.

Le Petit Prince, the little Prince in French.

I ordered them alphabetically

Starting with the Prince,

and ending with le Petit.

Holding morning thoughts

Crumbling bread.

A waiter served cold water with lemon taste.

There are 50 men out there, but in here I only find you.

An English watch,



Do you see those birds?

In circles,

in squares.

Touching tales.
With lemon taste.

Lemon taste

I looked out of the window while sipping the last sip of water.

It was a special green glass, slightly curved and decorated with olive shaped glass pearls.

Look up! Do you see that?

A blue ceiling, two birds going in circles.

Georges Braque.
I whispered.

Are they really going in circles?

Still Life, a black pitcher with lemons.
I moved my hand into the painting and filled my empty glass.


White bed sheets.

White pillows.

White walls.

White toilet paper.

I’m becoming a minimalist.

Cannot wipe my ass anymore though.

Blank Polaroid

Blank Polaroid

I met my uncle at the bus stop this morning.

He showed me his new phone.

I shouted: No pictures!

The next moment he grabbed something out of his pocket and gave it to me.

It was a blank Polaroid,

from the time I was young.

Invention of the Wheel

Half-cut crown moldings,

bathroom tiles entering the kitchen.