Doorman (2022),  M. ©

Entering a tram at 35 degrees Zurich time.

He takes a seat just behind.
Sliding-doors. In the shadow with a light breeze.

Yes, after three years opening doors of this luxury-apartment-flat in the center of the desert.

Dubai, sir.  I could finally buy a flight home.
Nigeria, sir.

It rained, I forgot what rain felt like, marvelous.
We were dancing.
Dancing and singing in the rain, sir.

A taxi driver opened the backdoor of his car.
Yes, we need a better coach for our team.

No, not Algeria.
Nigeria, but already 10 years Swiss.
Sir, you arrived.

That makes it 20.


Schaufensterpuppen (2022),  M. ©

Flip-flops all rotten, a mobile phone in his pocket.
After a long-foot-journey finally arrived.

A tent in the desert. Cooking carrots and chicken.
This family of Japanese people.
Parents and their small daughter.
Last year, sir.

They didn’t speak at all.

Night out, heading towards Gare du Nord.
Countless plastic faces behind windows, with decorated hair on top.


Behind the decorations countless people.
No, we are not in Zurich anymore.

Stone belly

Stone belly (2022),  M. ©

800 – 1500 AD.
Costa Rica at the door of the entrance.
Messy projection of a thousand words flowing down the slope leading up the museum.

All black.

Picasso looked me straight in the eyes.
You may not pass!
Do you need my ticket, sir?

The old-dark-man responded in French.

No, but is there something to see there?

A shadow of a woman entered the elevator inside a cylindrical space.
A giant totem,  heads on top of each other,
and all the way on the top a fox.

Or was it a wolf?

Words, maps, figures, and numbers on display.
Pass through it and you find hats, pots, carpets,
and sculpture.

Number One

[1] Number One (2022),  M. ©

Number One
I rotated the key,
pardon, my body.

And suddenly a complete body appeared in front of my eyes.

[2] Door unlocked
[3] Door unlocked
[4] Door unlocked
[5] Door unlocked

Gustav’s shadow

Gustav’s shadow (2022),  M. ©

Eiffel towers, sparkling lights.
In all colours.
Mat, shiny, polished, silver, gold.
You name it, they sell it.

And a miniature bicycle that moves in circles.

1 Euro Water.
1 Euro.

A wave of Asian people making pictures.
Selfies with a vague hint of Eiffel in their background.

I looked at the shirt of the kid running down the stairs:
The future is Africa.

Doorman (pt. 5) by M. Moonen 03.2022 [EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE ONLY]
Triple-A Society,  M. Production