Standing under a cold shower, opening my eyes shortly. The drops forming a kaleidoscopic effect through the breezing air.


Thermodynamics, M.© 2020

Capture the Flag

A miniature-football-field,

children playing.

Sailor Pep climbed into the top of the mast.

Top of the Mast, children playing soccer, M.© 2020


Using flip-flops to enter the lake.

Those stones, they really hurt you know!

And the best is, you can use those flip-flops as paddles.

Flip-flops, walking on stones, M.© 2020



Skating as hawks going through pipes,

loops and holes.


Frogger | Skateboarding, M.© 2020


I hate Campers.

Always waiting around the corner,

shooting you down.

The moment they see you appear.


Camper around the corner, M.© 2020


There is this other campsite.

This one is not next to a lake, but next to a river.

Stretching all the way from Pilatus to the Netherlands.

That’s what the old shipper told me.

The river, from Pilatus to the Netherlands, M.© 2020

Camping People

A family with three dogs.

A mother with her son.

Camping People, M.© 2020


Hee look! Up there!

It’s the owner of the huge caravan.

Well, it’s more a wagon.

A blue wagon with a shiny-metal-chimney and a rounded roof.

Eiffel 65.

Driving as crazy,

a led-display in the back-window of his car.

SMART in moving red letters.

A fat-bald-middle-aged-clown opened the door and entered his wagon quickly.

Pipowagen, Eiffel 65, Smart-Clown, M.© 2020


In front of the blue wagon, a camper.

A guy dressed as a fireman doing exercises with his German shepherd.


Lie down!


The dog responded perfectly.

The fireman went inside the camper and came out again.

This time in normal clothes.

He sat in a chair.


handle up.


handle down.


Fireman training his dog, M.© 2020

De Waard

Far in the end of the campsite.

A De Waard Tent.

Sort of army-kind-of-tent.

Thick, brown,


A young Dutch couple in a small Igloo.

Next to the open fire two Hippies.

De Waard Tent, Iglo, M.© 2020


An Italian family arrived in a camper.

Two people with the mother of the mother, or the mother of the father.

Doesn’t matter.

The old grandmother did everything anyway.

Their camper was placed on an uneven part of the terrain.

An ingenious trick of placing a triangular-shaped-piece-of black-plastic under the front tire helped balancing the camper into a stable position.

Camper perpendicular, M.© 2020

Het Rondje

I started walking and arrived in the front-right-side-corner of the campsite.

A circular pathway.

Het Rondje we say in Dutch.

There were no people in this rondje.

All that I could find were empty shelf’s,

or should I say empty shelves.

A garden filled with flags of all countries & a Television-Set + Fridge.

Waf! Waf!


that dog almost scared me to death.

Het Rondje, more info: [Library], M.© 2020

Hippie Van

Our front-neighbors.

They had this VW-Van-with-moving-roof-tent.


Or parents with children?

I don’t remember clearly.

Stone Grid


what the F# is this guy doing?

The garden in front of his extra-large-sized-caravan-with-double-wheel-span was marked by a grid of stone tiles.

In front of the extra-large-sized-caravan-with-double-wheel-span a small Igloo tent.

The ones that says on the package: Max. 2 Persons + made in China.

Around a Stone Grid, M.© 2020

So anyway this guy, 30+ was all the time looking under his F# Caravan.

The next day,

he pulled the caravan away.

Long Foot

I marched further.

This time towards the fireplace.

On my way there I bounced into the mother of the son,

our back-neighbor.

Du bist -von- weit gekommen.

[You came –from- far] she said.

Towards the fireplace, a jump in the pool, M.© 2020

I answered: A long foot.

I added, a long foot-journey.



3. Jump in the small-round-pool

Exit the pool.


Restaurant, M.© 2020

Two newly-polished-old-timers arrived at the fancy restaurant.

They must be rich!

Actually the restaurant was two-sided.

A fancy one, and an everyday one,

where you could just order a steak or a fish with salad and fries.

Plastic Suit

I moved along the river.

Straight heavy current,

a highway of water.

While walking I found a huge piece of plastic in the shape of a suit.

It would be cool to throw this piece of sh…Plastic in the water and see what happens.

Throwing a piece of sh…plastic in the river | Marching away, M.© 2020

Bam! Splash!

Hee what are you doing!!! Do you think that’s normal!

I answered…

I didn’t answer.

I ignored and marched away.

2 Plastic Boxes

There were these rowing boats, and two plastic boxes filled with old books and magazines.

I took the two plastic boxes and emptied them on the table.

There was everything in there,

even Donald.

A-Logical-Construct: Comics, Tabloids, Technology, The life of Bhikkhu, Odyssey by Homer, M.© 2020

After finishing ordering them in A-Logical-Construct I went back to the bench where I found the two plastic boxes.

Juguetes Transformables

Two bricks with a peculiar shape.

Rectangular but on one side jagged, a triangular-cut-out-of-the-rectangle so to speak.

Placing them vertical: Juguetes Transformables [Transformable Toys]

Also beautiful throwing objects, those bricks. It just has the right size and weight to feel the action when you throw one.

Over the fence nearby.

Juguetes Transformables [Transformable Toys], M.© 2020


…All these people passing by in the water, going with the flow.

I entered also, but stayed at the border of the river, next to the rowing boats.

A place where you could not only feel the stream as a rush in your back, but understand its direction and speed.

[Zoom] Swimming in the river, M.© 2020

Camping (pt.2) © M. Production [Educating Creativity] Published 11.2019, written 11.2018, story & images by M. Triple-A Society