Imaginational Theory
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Zagorette Maximilian Yportne
Abstract : Reality [Duchampian Chess]
Abstract Reality : [A. Hitler]
Library [Mechanics of the brain](pt. 1)


Super Abstraction Vol 5th Dimension
Super Abstraction Vol IV INC Series
Super Abstraction Vol III Hypermodernism
Super Abstraction Vol # The Term
Super Abstraction Vol II Autoreferential Works
Super Abstraction Vol I Constructive Readymades
Super Abstraction Vol -1 Atari Revisited
Abstract : Reality [Language] Excerpt I & II
Erasing Time
Erasing Non-Places

Released Essays on Medium

IT: Opening the Door of Imagination™
Mystical Garden [Mechanics of the brain](pt. 3)
Illusion : Reality
End of the line
M1 [§] : Dürer's monistic masterpiece
Dimensional Design Theory
I - [T] : Holographic Puzzling {Pt. 1}
Abstract : Reality [Shadowplay]
IT 02 - Abstract Reality : [A. Hitler]
IT 01: Virus Propagation through Pilot Wave Theory
Organic Power vs. Political Power
New Order in Society
IT 02 [Y] ~ The Term ; Sub#
Letter from No.7
VDH; Spiritual use of color in Architecture
Tonight's fight! Van Doesburg vs J.T.G.
{Bohm} : The Future of Creativity
Abstract : Reality [Duchampian Chess]
Uniformity in Contemporary Design
House without Quality
Camping [Mechanics of the brain](pt. 2)
Mirage Buildings; obsession reflection
Jan Verhoeven; a forgotten legacy
Library [Mechanics of the brain](pt. 1)
Hansegger : A Question of Style
{Theo van Doesburg} : Imaginational Theory
Eladio Dieste, and the curvature of a brick
Julien Dinou; Constructing Expressionism
Super Abstraction [Abstract]
A Contribution to Statistics
The high cost of Paradigms
Text based adventures {ongoing}
Hypermodernism and the jump into Super Abstraction
Zagorette Maximilian Yportne
Super Abstraction, an interview with 1BIT©
Erasing Non-Places

Upcoming Essays

Paul Charlemagne; Cubism without Style
The City without a plan
Hanns Schwarzmaier; Every flower is a gift
No. 5, Van Rees
IT 04: Systems of Dimensional Hierarchy
IT [~]: The Time Binder
IT Pi {Picasso} ; Depth Psychology Characters
IT 05; 3-P. Conjecture : J{Z}
IT 06: Using the Web as a Memory-extension
IT 07: Practical behaviour experiment
IT 09: Re-structuring & Visualizing Big Data (pt.1)
IT X Studying Art : A Vision Approach
Newton; Alchemical Science
F. Gehr; Mastering Simplicity
Doorman [Mechanics of the brain](pt. 4)
Robot [Mechanics of the brain](pt. 5)
Picture-in-Picture  [Mechanics of the brain](pt. 6)
Charles Biederman [working title]
Time ~ Art; Velázquez, Kandinsky & Newman

Abstract : Reality [Scrapbook]

Abstract : Reality [Language]

Abstract : Reality [Presentation]

Abstract : Reality (Rosebud)
Abstract : Reality (Orange)
Abstract : Reality (Chess)
Abstract : Reality (Lelystad)