Pool of Flowers
Milan has a long tradition of outdoor pools, scattered around the city. These pools are rapidly disappearing. Mainly because of high maintenance costs (only open in summer) and increasing ground prices. The swimming pools are important semi-public attractions in a densely privatized urban landscape. The process of disappearing swimming pools points out a key phenomenon in urban development: increasing borders between the private and public domain.

Regenerating the Caimi swimming pool, a neglected monumental space, is a bottom-up proposal for the Milan Expo in 2015. During this event the pool would be temporarly filled with a field of 100.000 tulips, creating awareness for the disappearaning pools. At the same time it shows a new direction for the World Expo: Instead of adding new isolated areas to a city, projects could focus on actual urban problems.

Initiative, idea and visual translation.
Together with Margherita Parati.